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Bay Area Relocation & Corporate Relocation

Moving to San Francisco is something we assist clients with every day.  

Whether you are relocating to San Francisco for work, family, play or even retirement, the San Francisco Modern Real Estate Team is here to assist you every step of the way to make this exciting experience as pleasant as possible, from your first house-hunting expedition to a successful closing.  

Our San Francisco based real estate team has extensive experience working with clients moving to San Francisco from all areas of the country as well as a significant amount of experience assisting corporate relocation clients who are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area from outside of the country.    Whether you are just beginning to explore and familiarize yourself with San Francisco's neighborhoods and districts or are well-versed in the area and already know exactly where you'd like to live, our team offers experienced, knowledgeable and professional representation to help make your San Francisco homeowner's dream come true.

Contact us to discuss your San Francisco relocation needs.   Additionally, we encourage all prospective home buyers to take some time to explore the general steps involved in purchasing a home, loft, condo or TIC in our beautiful city by the Bay. 

Buying a Home in San Francisco: A Step-by-step Guide

To the uninitiated, the home buying process can seem like a bewildering maze. Our job at San Francisco Modern Real Estate is to make this process as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. By taking a moment to look at each step independently, the entire process becomes much easier to understand.

There are ten general steps, from start to finish, in buying a home. You must establish a budget, get pre-approval for a loan, engage your San Francisco Modern Realtor, preview homes, make an offer, negotiate with the seller, have the property inspected, obtain appraisals and finalize your loan, close the deal, and collect the keys to your new home. This might sound a bit intimidating, but remember that your San Francisco Modern Real Estate Agent will be by your side every step of the way.

san francisco relocation guide by San Francisco Modern Real Estate.San Francisco Home Buying Steps

1. Establish a Budget
2. Obtain Loan Pre-Approval
3. Engage Your San Francisco Modern Realtor
4. Preview Homes
5. Make an Offer
6. Negotiations
7. Inspections
8. Finalize Loan
9. Close
10. You Get The Keys!

You can explore each of these San Francisco home buying steps in detail right now - we'd encourage you to start online right now by visiting Step 1: Establish a Budget.

Are you moving to San Francisco and considering the purchase of a home, condo, loft or other property? Please complete this brief questionnaire to help us better understand your needs and a San Francsisco Modern Realtor will follow-up with you to help you explore your options in San Francisco.